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What Few Will Think and None Will Say is the story of being born into an insane world, living in a world never understood, finally to become lost in the woods of futile existence as seen through the eyes of one dearly holding on to a sanity never fully his.

Excerpt from the book:

From "What Few Will Think and Non Will Say" - Part One


"African Americans or Black Americans are citizens or residents of the united states who have origins in any of the black people populations of Africa.[ In the United States, the term is generally used for Americans with at least partial Sub-Saharan Africa ancestry. Most African Americans are the direct descendants of captive Africans who survived the Slavery in the United States era within the boundaries of the present United States, although some areâ€"or are descended fromâ€"voluntary immigrants from African, Caribbean, Central American or South American nations.[ African Americans make up the single largest Racial and ethnic demographics of the United States"

My friends who suddenly, surprisingly (at least to me) no longer knew what an African American was must also have forgotten the roots of the term. African American was simply a conventional wisdom expression of a long line of epitaphs describing the sons of slaves in American. Darkie, Coon, Pica ninny, Sambo, Nigger, colored people, African American, Black people, is a portrait of the evolution of descriptions. There came a time when Nigger was out and African American was in. With the rise of black pride black people themselves moved away from African American to "Black people", but there was never any confusion, especially among black people as to what all or any of these terms meant, there was never any confusion about what circumstance and to whom they referred to.

War is not just about guns and bombs and the physical death of people. It is also about the minds and souls of people, you don't have to kill people who agree with you, who are already on your side. This is subtler but just as real, it's what radio, and TV, newspapers and magazines are all about. By and large America has dominated the cultural wars. Anti American countries want to prevent their people from coming here but the reason their people want to come here is the powerful inducement of the cultural war which constantly goes on around the world every day. That America is the winner in this war there is no doubt, travel around the world and you may be surprised to find that in a very clear cultural sense you have never left America.

As a young man I wanted to travel to other cultures, I wanted to escape, if just for a time, to some place that was totally different from where I was; some place where everything was totally different. But I never found that place, it no longer exists; the big cities of South America, Asia, Africa and elsewhere were all like their counter parts in America. It was easy to imagine you were in some American city and not just by the architecture but also by the clothing, the music the movies. I visited main land China in 1995 and was surprised to find boutiques that might have been in the east village of New York City; I went to nightclubs named "Chicago" where the music was the same as the music playing as I boarded the plane in New York. Everyone was dressed western style, everyone danced western style and the interactions between men and women were just like home. The point being that though there were vast political and economic, religious and other differences between a communist country and a democratic one, the popular cultures were remarkably the same, America had won.

At home in American there are cultural wars going on as well, for a time in the late sixties and seventies there was a movement on the parts of black people to divorce themselves from the cultural dominance of white culture. There was the rise of black pride, of Black Nationalism, black cultural groups, African studies, African song and dance, African attire and food. The rise of the "Afro" all in an effort to relate to black is beautiful, for black people to find pride in their own natural selves as opposed to mirroring the white society around them. Black woman gave up straightening combs and wigs, they no longer wanted to look like white woman in fashion magazines, they wanted to look as they naturally did. The same was true of black men. Traditional African clothing, music, etc, were assumed all in an effort to create their own cultural identity. It was a noble effort but short lived; if the power of American culture is so great in a communist country on the other side of the world how could any people living, working, existing in the very heart of it escape its gravity?

Throughout the history of the sons of slaves in America there have been powerful tidal forces washing over black people whose sole purpose was to get them to forget who they were, to accept their present condition as good and normal, and to assimilate them into white society in the position of slaves. The bible said it was right that they should be slaves, the law said it was right that they be slaves, every power around them the very culture they lived in wanted them to be happy as slaves, to believe that slavery was right. The initial job of the slave owner was to domesticate the slave, just as he would do to a field animal. To separate him from all that had come before. This was a cultural war, a dominate culture superimposing itself on another culture, this was the beginning of the cultural war on the sons of slaves and it continuers to this day. It is relentless; the collective conscious of the sons of slave owner's demands that it be so; consciously or unconsciously they need to eradicate their history to fully enjoy the rewards of that history and the only way this can ultimately be done is to get the victims of that history to forget it first. Thus when educated black men can no longer agree about something as basic as who and what African Americans are, even when it is written in black and white right in front of their faces, we see the cultural war continuing and moving toward its ultimate goal.

From Part Eight - What do Women Want

What do women want? Every question in general, presupposes an answer, and how nice it would be, if there were an answer for this question. Reality however points out to us that there are not answers to all questions. What women want would fall into this category. How simple it would be if a woman could just tell a man what she wanted. But this would also presuppose that women knew what they wanted or that what they wanted was in someway, anyway consistent. That what they wanted on Monday was also what they wanted on Tuesday or Wednesday. It would also be better for women if this was true and one supposes on some fundamental level, the same is also true for men. How many men know what they want? But we cannot deny that in this area woman are king, if only because the onus of knowing what the other sex wants is on the men's side, if only because, here in the west, it is the man who try's continually to unlock the secrets of woman, as they hold a monopoly on what men want.

But perhaps if we can know for certain that woman do not know and in fact have no way of knowing what they want, perhaps that is enough to be able to get along with them, to figure them out, at least to the extent that the doors to their gifts, spiritual, mental and physical are open.

All of this is complicated to the extreme by the simple and clear fact that neither men nor woman, by design, are suppose to know what they want. The world is in constant flux and what people want conforms to the ebb and flow of the reality around them. What is good for everyone one day is bad the next. But even beyond this there appears to be a gene level imperative within the human geniis which generates change/growth through the process of conflict/strife. Things at odds with one another are the motivating forces for the development of the species and the life of the species, again, on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual. This would suggest that men and woman are not supposed to get along, Or at least not in their natural environment.

In nature's fundamental state, where strength dominates weakness, where the physically capable rules over the less physically capable, "men" by definition "rule" over woman, and in this state it is not necessary for men to understand women! The current attributes of western culture, which have arisen and elevated the mentally superior equal or more than equal, to the physically superior, have freed woman from the dominance of men.

This is largely a side effect of technology. The strongest man no longer wins the fight; the smartest man does, because the smartest man invents weapons to neutralize the strength and skill of the more physically powerful one. Fighting by hand, by knife, by sword, or by bow requires both strength and skill, in most cases a great deal of skill which can only be acquired by time and opportunity.

In order to learn a skill one must have the opportunity to do so, which is why for centuries peasants were not allowed to process or be taught to use weapons. But anyone, man, woman or child, can kill anybody with a gun. If you are simply smart enough to have one, you can whole your own beyond the wildest imagination of any of your predecessors.

When the dominance of strength became history women became free and with freedom there is choice and with choice there is confusion. Men in the modern western world suddenly had to make sense of women, a goal which any of their ancestors could have told them was impossible, to the extent that it should not even be necessary to try in a sane world.

Of course one could say this struggle to understand woman has had a positive effect on society or one could say it has only made a difficult situation worse. The ultimate result of this freedom has been the disintegration of human relationships, from simple man woman to the more fundamental family. Woman eventually no longer wanted to raise children, they no longer needed to be with or please a man, and their freedom of choice became so arbitrary that no stability was possible between men and woman in the old historical sense. Men no longer dominated woman and woman no longer needed men.